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Blending STEM + DIY for more empowered makers.

Since the birth of our construction toy line, we’ve expanded our thinking from “How do we teach engineering principles to kids?” to “What do kids want to invent and create?” Once we started asking kids that question, we realized how much they loved DIY projects, which is perfect because DIY projects have STEM all over them. This led us to create our YouTube show Hack Along with Goldie Blox. Our channel exploded practically overnight. Thousands of comments came rolling in from kids, saying they wanted to invent like Goldie. Now, we’re giving them the tools to do that.

We took some of the most popular DIYs from our YouTube show, Hack Along, and turned them into projects kids can make at home. Each product has a STEM learning moment, as well as inspiration to personalize the projects to really cultivate a maker mindset. Some of these awesome products include a Glowing Unicorn Pillow where kids learn how to build a circuit; a DIY Slumber Party Movie Night kit that has the components for kids to build their own movie projector; a Floating LED Cloud Light that kids can build and decorate, all while learning about the eco-friendly factors of the LED lights that power it, and several other products that kids can make their own while learning about the world around them. 

As a kid, I loved doing arts and crafts because the finished product was something I could use that had my personality baked into it. With our new products, we want to send the message that STEM isn’t just levers, beakers and equations. It can truly be anything that you invent that empowers you. Knowing that, we want to encourage the makers of tomorrow to go forth and make their mark.

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