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DIY Watermelon Bike Bell – Ring in the Summer with Style

Let ingenuity ring!

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  • 4+
    For Ages
  • $20


  • 1 Cover the surface of the bell in washi tape, leaving the handle and lever uncovered.
  • 2 Paint the side with the handle and about a quarter of the other side with green enamel paint.
  • 3 Paint the remainder of the bell a juicy red color.
  • 4 Use white enamel paint to make watermelon stripes along the side of the bell.
  • 5 Place the bell on the bottom of a cup or another raised flat surface to keep it steady so you can paint a white border between the green part and the red part.
  • 6 Use the black paint pen to draw little lines for the seeds on the red side of the bell. Let the bell dry.
  • 7 Make some noise for the summer time!

The Sci Behind the DIY

With the right materials, something ordinary can become something entirely new and unique. Kids can literally leave their creative mark on things by knowing what kind of materials can transform an object. 

The washi tape used to cover the bell is special because it’s made from naturally-occurring fibers like hemp and bamboo. Hemp is used to make everything from bread to eco-friendly bath products, and bamboo is a renewable material whose strength has made it instrumental in construction around the world. The combination of sustainability and strength allow washi tape to stick to a multitude of surfaces like metal, wood and plastic without leaving sticky residue behind. The durable makeup of the washi tape also ensures that the bell’s beautiful design will shine for years to come. 


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