10 Ways To Respond To ‘I’m Bored’

10 Ways To Respond To ‘I’m Bored’

It’s the complaint heard around the world—I’m booooored!

As a parent, we’ve all heard it. As for kids, it’s the rite of passage they never quite knew they needed! 

In a world of overscheduling, overthinking and overdoing, I applaud anyone blessed with some time on their hands.  Unstructured time is a gift—but for many, it can be misinterpreted as something needing to be fluffed and filled, perfectly curated, or neatly packaged with a bow. 

As Lin-Manuel Miranda shared in an interview with GQ, “It’s Good to Be Bored… Time alone is the gift of self-entertainment—and that is the font of creativity. Because there is nothing better to spur creativity than a blank page or an empty bedroom.”  

If boredom gave us Hamilton— then Momma, please clear my schedule!  

The next time your kids claim boredom, give yourself a little pat on the back— you’ve already given them wings!  Now it’s their job to figure out whether they can fly.  As for ideas, it’s okay to give a little nudge.  Offering suggestions is a mindful approach to help your child discover their creativity.  With options at play, kids are capable to explore the many ways they can fly! 

10 Ways To Respond To ‘I’m Bored’: 

Be Your Own Superhero 


If you had super powers, what would they be– Would you fly? Could we see you?  How about your colors, your look, your style?  Dream up your own super-duper everything!  Share your missions, your theme song, the ways you save the day!   

Make Something In The Kitchen 

Follow a recipe or whip up something new— kids can work wonders in the kitchen!  Whether you offer just a few ingredients for your child to tinker with or Junior Master Chef plays out before your eyes— most kids have a blast crafting something yummy in the kitchen.  It’s the perfect mix of practical life skills, math, chemistry, and straight-up fun! 

Enjoy the Silence 

You don’t HAVE to be doing anything.  (Phew!) Sit in silence and see if something new comes to mind.  (I promise, it will!) The only rule: no whining about being bored! 

Do It Yourself 

child painting 

The world of DIY has just about snuffed out boredom as a whole!  With basic household items at your disposal and Youtube videos by your side— you can create just about anything.  Join Goldieblox or another one of your favorite DIYer to get the party started! 

Bring A Story To Life 

Choose a favorite book, movie or television show and bring it to life.  Play out your favorite part of the story or better yet— write a sequel, next chapter or new episode.   

Design A New Space 

Create a fort, a magical island or a fresh new reading nook!  Turn your closet into a castle— or reorganize your books.  Creating a new space or reviving an old can be simple, stylish and so very rewarding!   

Invent Your Own ‘Bored Game’  

(See what I did there!)  Invent a board game for any skill, theme or adventure.  Model it after a timeless favorite or start from scratch.  Don’t forget to develop some rules to play by! 

Splash In The Bath 

Splash In The Bath

It’s where imaginative dreams are made!  Bubbles become Cyclones, Lego figures leap to save lives!  Who hasn’t drafted up dreams from the comfort of their own rubba-dub-tub?  Not into that sort of thing?  Then sit back and relax!  

Get Out! 

Okay, no need to yell. But really—GET OUT!  Go outside and be one with whatever weather you can weather.  Roll in the snow, jump over puddles or soak up the bright shining sun.   

Get A Clue 

Obstacle course, scavenger hunt, American Warrior Ninja!  Craft a course in (or outside) your home for you, your furry friends or your action figurines to find their way through.  Don’t forget to clean up when you’re done!   

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