5 Hidden Activities Where Math & Science Bring Fun

5 Hidden Activities Where Math & Science Bring Fun

Kids are curious beings– it’s in their DNA! They observe, hypothesize, investigate and create using math and science hidden in everyday places.  (I won’t tell if you don’t!)    

Like a paleontologist out in the field or a chemist making discoveries in her lab, kids take on the role of the experts as they examine the world around them. Next time you’re looking for educational fun–keep your senses open to the subtle places learning can be found. Here are five of our favorite hidden gems! 

5 Hidden Activities Where Math & Science Bring Fun


Math and Science Bring Fun-- Hiking
Chock full of exploration, hiking connects just about every science theme imaginable! From investigating the weather to mapping the trail, hiking has it all.  Animal tracks, tracking steps, tracking the direction of the sun, either which way you step– science and math are along for the trip offering scenic discoveries along the way! 


Math and Science Bring Fun-- Cooking

Math and chemistry are essential ingredients in making food bubbly and delicious! Fractions, conversions, volume and more– these skills are necessary when working toward mastery in the kitchen.   Experimenting with recipes can be an explosion of fun as you learn how ingredients work together to make things sweet, savory or something in between. Now we’re cooking! 


Math and Science Bring Fun-- Music

Lettuce turnip the beet!  (That sounds more like cooking– doh!) Music has the ability to make you feel alive– somehow waking all the senses.  Finding balance and volume, beats and tone, math weaves its way through songs creating the perfect mix of art and math.  For some, it’s a melodious equation, for others they can feel it in their bones.  Either way, there’s no denying its depth.  Music is a gift for both those who create or simply spectate, connecting two disciplines as if they were one.   

Decorating & Design

Math and Science Bring Fun-- Building

Measurement is important when designing a room or small project– otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re left in another dimension. (Ha!) Spatial awareness, measurement, number sense and money all come into play while planning a DIY project. Leading a project with these skills is key– and will end in a one-of-a-kind design inspired by both your smarts and sense of style! 


Math and Science Bring Fun-- Games

Boardgame, field game, or ones for the mind– who doesn’t love to play?  (Don’t answer that!) Games of all kinds provide an opportunity for logic, calculation, hypothesizing and strategy. These skills and more are the foundation for kids to become strong listeners, leaders, contributors, and creators. Whoa– that sounds like everyone wins! 

There you have it– math and science shine their magic at each turn along the way.  Keep your senses open to the places where kids can explore, create and play! 


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