5 Videos to Watch on YouTube Kids Right Now

5 Videos to Watch on YouTube Kids Right Now

I try really hard not to let the iPad be the babysitter, but sometimes I just have to give in. YouTube Kids has been a huge blessing, but I don’t always have time to search through and make sure my kid is watching the most educational video that’s still fun. Recently, I took a moment to find the really good channels and here’s the best videos I found from those. So, go ahead, and hand the iPad over.

Channel: Hevesh5

Perfect for: The girl who loves building as much as she loves knocking it over.

These videos showcase how much engineering know-how goes into making these, plus they’re incredibly mesmerizing to watch. If she loves stuff like this, we actually worked with the brilliant Hevesh5 for our Day of the Girl video. Check that out, too!

Astrophysicist Explains Gravity in 5 Levels of Difficulty
Channel: Wired

Perfect for: The girl who keeps asking “Why?”

I love how calming these videos are, and how much info they pack in. For this one, kids can learn about gravity in super tangible ways they’ll be showing you later.

Making Slime For School
Channel: The Gem Sisters

Perfect for: The girl who likes her science with a side of glam.

Honestly, I wish I was as cool as these girls. They’re making awesome stuff while still being totally themselves. There’s no old-timey science guy, but they’re still teaching something. It’s the perfect blend. If they look familiar, it might be from our collab with them. Bookmark this for Halloween.

World’s Largest Camera Lens
Channel: Physics Girl

Perfect for: The girl who lives for the science fair.

I love Physics Girl (AKA Dianna Cowern) because she’s super smart but never condescending. Plus, she gets to go to incredible places and uncover things that I didn’t even know existed.

Channel: Amoeba Sisters

Perfect for: The girl who thinks she’ll never use math in the real world.

This series is the most blatantly educational one of the bunch, but it’s so cute and charming, it’ll reel in even the science skeptics. Trust me.

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