Back Ideas 9 Podcasts to Keep You Sane

Back Ideas 9 Podcasts to Keep You Sane

Drive to school. Drive to the store. Drive home. Drive back to school. Drive to soccer practice. Drive back home. Drive back to the field to get the soccer bag you forgot. Drive back home. It can all become a nightmarish blur. Luckily, we have some podcasts that help you feel like you’re not going completely out of your mind. From parenting advice (and fails), to learning new things in STEM fields, to just having fun, we’ve got the recommendations to keep you company when you’re asking yourself “Wait, where am I going again?”

Note: Not all of these podcasts are appropriate to play with kids in the car. If you want to play it totally safe, save these for your “Me Time.”

For when you feel like you’re the worst parent

Scary Mommy Speaks

If you’re not familiar with Scary Mommy’s content, you’re in for a treat. Known for a brutally honest take on motherhood, kids, and partners, it only makes sense that they branched out to unapologetic podcasting. Keri Setaro and Ashley Hearon-Smith incorporate pop culture, personal stories, and celebrities themselves (Jessica Alba and Andy Cohen have both been pasts guests). If you’re looking for the women who are going to sympathize with you about how horrible kids’ birthday parties can be, you’ve found your tribe.

Good episode to start with: Build-A-Brat

The Longest Shortest Time

Calling itself “the parenting show for everyone,” anyone can listen to the show, kids or not, and get something out of it. Most likely, a good laugh. Many episodes feature incredibly funny comics and combine that with host Andrea Silenzi’s down-to-earth style and you’ve got yourself a fresh and comforting take on parenting.

Good episode to start with: The Qualities and Characteristics of 7th Borns

What Fresh Hell

If it feels like it’s been a minute since you’ve talked to anyone your own age, hosts Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson are the solution. Episodes of What Fresh Hell feel like satisfying venting sessions where you’ll find yourself screaming “Exactly!” out loud to yourself while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. Even in the casualness of the conversation, Margaret and Amy always manage to throw in some research and strategies for dealing with the hardest parts of motherhood without seeming preachy.

Good episode to start with: When Kids Prefer the Other Parent Over You (Or You Over Them)

For when a guy has just mansplained your job to you (again)


“Trying to conform to society’s expectation of a woman” should never be on the daily agenda, yet it feels like it always is. Research nerds and all-around delights Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin interview women about the moments they felt most “unladylike” in society’s eyes, and celebrate them. The hosts are most interested in what makes women feel powerful and then finding out the history of those subjects ranging from makeup to math.

Good episode to start with: How to Toot Your Own Horn

Brave, Not Perfect

Innovator and CEO of Girls Who Code Reshma Saujani talks to some of the most notable women in the world who have made the choice to be brave in spite of the odds being against them. Guests discuss failures candidly with Reshma and explore how they became stepping stones to success.

Good episode to start with: I Made a Mistake, Deal With It (Ft. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

The Femails

The Femails is all about women taking charge and getting stuff done. CEO of Career Contessa Lauren McGoodwin knows a little bit about what that’s like, and talks to the women in the world who are starting their own businesses and how failures inspired them to persevere. Our recommended podcast for this episode features a woman you might be pretty familiar with already. 🙂

Good episode to start with: Debbie Sterling – Disrupting the Pink Aisle

For when you want to feel inspired by STEM


Two women with PhD’s. Two different fields of study (biomedical engineering and literature). Endless helpful insights. Hosts Dr. Liz Wayne and Dr. Christine “Xine” Yao explore the culture behind academia and how to thrive best in STEM.

Good episode to start with: Thinking of Applying to Grad School? PhDivas Advice for Humanities & STEM

Modern Figures Podcast

This podcast fills the gap for a much-needed space for black women in computing to share their experience. The two hosts of the show are accomplished STEM scholars, with Dr. Jeremy Waisome working in a lab studying how to expand STEM involvement, and co-host Dr. Kyla McMullen teaching computer science at the University of Florida. The podcast offers a wealth of storytelling and insight that helps broaden the STEM narrative.

Good episode to start with: The Secret Life of the “Only” Magical Black Girl

Beyond the Microscope

Listen to this first thing in the morning, and you’ll feel motivated all day long. Lindsay Claiborn and Mumu Xu talk to women about what led them to STEM, and how their work is changing the world for the better.

Good episode to start with: Catch23 (andMe)

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