Back to Learning!

Back to Learning!

Whether your kids will be remote or in a classroom, there are so many ways to get them excited about going back to learning and GoldieBlox wants to help!

From DIY activities to food hacks to simple tips on keeping your kids engaged, below you’ll find a fun guide on back to learning. 

Make Their Space Learning Friendly

A good way to make learning interesting again is by giving your kids a unique space that they'll feel comfortable to study in. We suggest trying simple DIY decor projects that you can do together. See below for some great decor hacks that can easily change a space completely around!

How to Keep Your Kids Engaged

These are some easy ways to help keep your kids engaged while learning. Though simple, they really go a long way!

  • Make sure your kids have a good breakfast and healthy snacks for the day. This small aspect can really help with your kids energy throughout the day.
  • Rest. Rest. Rest. Just like adults need rest, so do your kids. Make sure they get a good amount of it every night. 
  • Make learning fun! We completely understand how hard it might be to look at learning as fun right now but if you can incorporate some exciting activities into learning for your kids, it’ll definitely help. See some STEAM activities HERE for your kids to try out at home. 
  • Talk to your kids about what they learned for the day! This is a perfect way to learn what they have going on in school and it gives them an opportunity to ask for help if they need it. 
Making Learning Fun Through DIY

We all may not know this but DIY is a great way for kids to learn and it’s super fun! A lot of our DIY activities are tied in with STEAM and they really help kids with their day to day studies. Below you’ll find a few DIY activities that can really help your kids with getting back to learning! 

This activity is perfect for the kid that is interested in technology and learning how to build tech pieces of their own!

This hack is pretty cool because your kids will learn about science and gallium through making slime!

This math video is hilarious but also great at showing your kids how much fun fractions can actually be!


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