Backed by Popular Demand

Backed by Popular Demand

GoldieBlox exists because of you, our fans. 6 years ago, over 5,000 people pledged to support our mission and first product on Kickstarter, and the rest is history. Crowdfunding is near and dear to our hearts, so we wanted to share 7 projects that support girls and women in STEM that we love!

1. Jewelbots

Jewelry + code = Jewelbots, the friendship bracelet that teaches girls to code. Haven’t you always wanted to give a girl you care about an open-source wearable that inspires a passion for STEM? We bet your answer is heck yeah. Fully funded in August 2015, you can get them on or

2. Yellow Scope

The women behind Yellow Scope – moms and scientists themselves – believe that every girl has a scientist inside of her. Their Kickstarter funded the production of their first product, the Foundation Chemistry Kit, in December 2014, and today, their new kit, the Acids, Bases, and pH Chemistry Kit, is available on their site, an addition to a pretty cute lab coat!

3. Science Wide Open

If she can see it, she can be it! And that’s what Science Wide Open, a book series demystifying scientific concepts and featuring women in science, aims to prove: the more girls see themselves in science, the more girls will end up excelling, experimenting, and discovering in STEM fields. Their 3-book set is now available for purchase here.

4. Science with Sophie

Science is fun, and it can also be funny. That’s why Science with Sophie is such a welcome idea. Sophie Shrand has degrees in behavioral neuroscience and theater, which basically means that no one is more qualified to make a sketch comedy show about science than she is. Her campaign video proves this point, and after raising $45,000 on IndieGogo, she has been releasing science comedy videos you can watch here.

5. My Name is Stardust

When Bailey was 8, she learned from Neil deGrasse Tyson that the entirety of our universe is made up of stardust. Mind: blown. Bailey is now 10, and she and her father teamed up to write a book that shares this wonderous discovery with kids of all ages. The My Name is Stardust Kickstarter met its goal, and you can catch up with the young author through their campaign page.

6. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

This crowdfunding project blew up when it launched on Kickstarter in April 2016 – it was 80% funded in just 24 hours and quickly became the most funded book project in Kickstarter history. The book features women from the Bronte sisters to Malala Yousafzai, giving girls from all over the globe stories about adventurers, explorers, pioneers, and rock stars to sing them to sleep at night. Plus, it’s fully – not to mention beautifully – illustrated. Today, you can order directly from their site.

7. The Woman Card(s)

The Woman Card(s) were born of a moment in politics that we’re pretty sure you heard about (if you’re confused, a Google search might refresh your memory). This project, conceptualized by a brother and sister team, was funded in just over 3 hours and ended up reaching their goal a few times over. As a stretch goal, they offered full-sized posters of the women featured in the deck, which can be a really fun gift for the person in your life who wants to wake up to a poster of Eleanor Roosevelt or Shirley Chisholm every morning!

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