Breaking Down Barriers on Day of the Girl

Breaking Down Barriers on Day of the Girl

Typically on Day of the Girl, the spotlight is on the lack. The lack of opportunities for girls. The lack of women in the workforce. The lack of feminine presence in places where it’s desperately needed. But, every day, a girl is doing something incredible in spite of this lack. Those girls inspire change and become women who ensure change spreads throughout the world. 92% of girls who report an interest in STEM say they are motivated by wanting to make a difference in the world, and today we want to recognize they already are. Here are just a few examples in recent history:

  • At age 17, Malala was the youngest ever Nobel Prize Laureate.
  • At age 16, Greta Thunberg inspired more than 1 million students to call for action on climate change.
  • At age 14, Laura Dekker sailed around the world by herself.
  • At age 12, Lydia Sebastian achieved a higher IQ score than Albert Einstein.

And the number of girls’ accomplishments is only getting bigger. We partnered with Lily Hevesh, better known as amazing domino artist Hevesh5, to make a display of how every bit of support for girls helps empower them to break down stereotypes and change the world. This support can come in the form of educational opportunities, or just telling the girls in your life that they’re capable of anything. Today on Day of the Girl, in addition to thinking about what still needs to be done, let’s acknowledge what happens when girls get things done.

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