Curiosity Camp After-School is Finally HERE!! 🏕

Curiosity Camp After-School is Finally HERE!! 🏕

Welcome to Curiosity Camp After-School, campers! We’re so excited to bring back Curiosity Camp and all the engaging fun it has to offer your kids. 

Our first campisode features Climate Change Scientist Kimberley Miner and she shares about her amazing job researching climate change. As a scientist at JPL, Kimberley works with international teams on the Arctic Methane Project which focuses on the impacts of climate change in the Arctic. 

Kimberley also works on researching global risks from climate change as a Research Assistant Professor at University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute. The wonderful work that Kimberley is doing is not only important but also impactful. Plus, it educates kids on how important climate change really is!

Tune into Kimberley’s full campisode below so you and your kids can learn more about the work she does and how your kids can also help with climate change! And once you're done, make sure to try out this week's at-home activity

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