Double Down on Family Time During the Holiday Break

Double Down on Family Time During the Holiday Break

The holiday season is in full swing and with kids home from school and COVID restrictions in place, it's the perfect time for the whole family to try out new activities together!

Since the long holiday weekend is a few days away, GoldieBlox gathered some STEAM-inspired projects that will not only keep your kids entertained but they’ll actually be learning STEM facts about dinosaur fossils, how to make their own galaxy rocks, using the sun to make art and so much more. 

See below for a list of fun activities to choose from that’ll definitely make a fun-filled weekend for your entire family!

GoldieBlox’s Fun Zone - Our fun zone has great DIYs that your kids can do with simple household items. From a watermelon soap project to friendship cookies, there is an activity for everyone! 

Curiosity Camp - Curiosity Camp is filled with amazing videos featuring women in STEM that share all about their careers, how your kids can also be in STEM and why STEM is so important. Plus, each video comes with an activity that you and your kids can try at home. 

STEAM At-Home - If your kids love puzzles, coloring pages and word searches then our STEAM At-Home page is perfect for them! Here your kids will find a stack of activities that’ll keep them engaged for hours!

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