Draw Her Life: Lily Hevesh

Draw Her Life: Lily Hevesh

Dominoes can be a career. That is if you’re as incredibly talented as 21-year-old professional domino artist and YouTuber Lily Hevesh is.

Lily has been a builder since birth. Ever since she can remember, Lily has loved the process of making things with her hands. When she was really young and playing with building blocks and construction sets, she would use her imagination to recreate structures from real life with the materials that she had. As soon as her grandparents introduced her to dominoes at 9 years old, Lily became enthralled by watching them fall after laying them out.

Wanting to watch videos of dominoes falling, Lily took to YouTube and was amazed by the number of people building elaborate dominoes projects like recreations of the Mona Lisa and the Egyptian pyramids and then knocking them down in intricate ways. Inspired by what she saw, Lily decided to get more dominoes and see if she could set them up like how she found online. After that, she was hooked and created her own YouTube channel, Hevesh5, which now has over 2.7 million subscribers.

Her creativity certainly paid off. By the time she was just 13 years old, Lily started to receive offers to build large commercial projects and she realized that her domino art skills could lead to something much bigger. Watch Lily tell her story in the fourth and final episode of “Draw Her Life,” and get inspired to follow your dreams!

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