Draw Her Life: Sky Brown

Draw Her Life: Sky Brown

Step aside, Shaun White and Tony Hawk. Sky Brown is on her way to becoming the face of professional skateboarding. She has plenty of time to get there though… she’s only 11 years old. Oh, and she’s a professional surfer too.

Don’t let her age fool you. Sky started skateboarding on her own at age 3 and has been making a name for herself on the professional circuit for years already. At just 7 years old, Sky came in third place at Exposure, the biggest female skateboarding competition in the world. The following year, 8-year-old Sky became the youngest woman ever to compete in the VANS U.S. Open Pro Series.

Outside of the water and the skate park, Sky Brown is doing her part to inspire others and give back to those in need. Sky aspires to empower women through skateboarding and she’s actively making a difference already. After coming in third place in her most recent competition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sky donated all of her prize money to kids in a nearby favela (a severely impoverished neighborhood).

Watch Sky tell her captivating story in episode two of “Draw Her Life” and get inspired to follow your dreams! “Draw Her Life” is a series presented by GoldieBlox and BIC that profiles extraordinary young women by drawing their life stories using BICⓇ products. Art hand-drawn by SoCraftastic. Want to learn more about the products used to create this story or draw your own DIY mini-bio at home? Click here.  


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