Fast Forward  Girls Spotlight:  Sook-Lei Liew

Fast Forward Girls Spotlight: Sook-Lei Liew

GoldieBlox teamed up with the If/Then Initiative to bring you the YouTube series Fast Forward Girls. The show follows the journey of young women as they learn about the STEM in the real world by immersing themselves in it with the help of leading female innovators. In the Fast Forward Girls Spotlight, we take a moment to get to know those innovators a little bit better.

Dr. Sook-Lei Liew is a professor and an occupational therapist. She showed Bailey Ballinger how to use an EEG cap to do brain-controlled computer interaction in Fast Forward Girls: Bailey Ballinger Finds Out How Brains Work. She talked to us about the most rewarding parts of working in neuroscience and what drew her to that career path.

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