GoldieBlox is Developing an Animated Series!

GoldieBlox is Developing an Animated Series!

Have you heard?!

We have partnered with Toonz Media to develop a slate of STEM-inspired animations for kids and families all over the world! This will be our first time venturing into animation and we’re so excited to create content that not only will inspire children but will also keep them engaged in STEM learning. 

“Animation is wildly popular with kids and an area that we are excited to get involved in. Partnering with Toonz on this joint venture gives us the bandwidth to develop IP that has a global footprint, reaching children around the world.” - Debbie Sterling, Founder & CEO of GoldieBlox

“Children really are our future, and the toys and materials that children are exposed to in their childhood is crucial to their development. Toonz is excited to partner with GoldieBlox so that we can combine STEM with stories in order to deliver messages on learning and discovering to young girls.” - P. Jayakumar, Chief Executive Officer of Toonz Media Group

Watch below to learn more about our partnership with Toonz Media and stay tuned to see what we have planned! 


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