Introduce Your Kids to the Fun of Engineering with Our NEW Construction Products!

Introduce Your Kids to the Fun of Engineering with Our NEW Construction Products!

Our new Construction toys are here and they are breaking the barriers between fun and learning! 

Fashion meets Engineering in each kit that allows for kids to have endless fun as they bring their designs to life. Plus, the kits are all inter-compatible and can be used in combination with existing major brick building systems, enabling unlimited, creative open-ended play. 

Our Construction toys are the perfect way to introduce your kids to STEM all while tapping into their creativity and imagination!

Having a picnic? Don’t forget to bring the Watermelon Mini Purse with you!

This go-to staple item is cute and will allow your kids to explore their interest in fashion. It also opens up the door for more learning in STEM and how building and construction are important to it. 

Fun, stylish and unique, our Animal Print Tote is perfect for you if you enjoy creating your own fashion!

Our collaboration with Flexo allows you to build your own tote which gives you the option to tailor it to match your style.

The Animal Print Tote educates girls in construction and engineering. This is a great gift that’ll allow your kids to explore fashion alongside STEM. 

The Rainbow Mini Purse will brighten every day!  It’s colorful, trendy and would be the perfect item to liven up any outfit! 

This building project makes for a fun afternoon of DIY and your kids will learn all about how building and construction fall into STEM.

Our Friendship Bracelets are perfect for you and your friends to create together (even if it’s virtually)! 

These bracelets are colorful, easy to build and you can make them unique to your style! You can even make more than one and stack them up. 


This unique patented system of bricks and stitches offer the perfect introduction to STEM concepts and is designed for kids 8+. Each construction kit comes with its own reusable storage pouch and videos are available online that showcase several other build ideas as additional inspiration. Compatible with all major brick brands, GoldieBlox + Flexo’s construction toy system offers the ability to build curves, spheres and other three dimensional objects that don’t fall apart.

Visit our shop to learn more about our Construction sets. And visit the Construction Product Fun Zone for amazing activities that range from DIYs to engineering projects to hacks and more!

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