Six years old. That’s when most girls begin to lose interest in math and science. This is tragic because it isn’t biological, but cultural. Even worse, it’s at a time when girls’ curiosity and creativity are beginning to blossom.

Enter GoldieBlox.

Our mission is to reach girls at a young age, and introduce them (and oftentimes, their parents) to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

STEM can often seem intimidating. So we make it fun. Build self-confidence. Inspire the next generation of innovators. And shatter long-held stereotypes. 

We do this through shows that inspire, toys that teach and creative campaigns that celebrate diverse, badass female STEM role models that still – to this day – are incredibly rare to see. As we do, we bring along boys, too. So as they grow, they help level the playing field.

Our message: STEM is cool. With it, you can invent. Design stuff. And build all that you dream up. 

After all, today’s kids will have jobs that don’t even exist yet. But we do know that STEM skills will play a huge role. That’s why we’re here, now, to help them prepare.

Our company has reached millions of girls around the globe over the past decade – while making a profound impact on the landscape of children’s toys and media. And we’re just getting started.

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