Cool Tools time! In Cool Tools, your guide will introduce an object, tool, or product that relates to her work in some way. You will get to see the ACTUAL tools our amazing guides use in experiments and get to learn about the history behind them.

Join us here at Curiosity Camp every Wednesday & Friday to enjoy a new campisode featuring an amazing guide from a STEAM profession:
Sam Wynns, National Park Conservationist & Biologist | July 10
Beata Mierzwa, UCSD Cancer Researcher | July 17

Campisode #1: Cool Tools

Myria Perez

Click the image above to download this week's 'DIY Dino DIG' activity! 🦖

Fossil Fun with Paleontologist, Myria Perez

Welcome to campisode 1 of Cool Tools! This episode features our guide and talented Paleontologist, Myria Perez. Myria dives into her job as a paleontologist, talks about some uber cool tools she uses while on the job, and even takes you through an experiment... that may or may not involve bones and perhaps some cookies. 🍪 Enjoy!

Campisode #3: Cool Tools

Gracie Ermi
Research Software Engineer

Click the image above to download this week's 'Whale Tail Bookmark' activity!

Learn How Artificial Intelligence Saves Orcas

In this episode of Cool Tools, Gracie Ermi-- a Research Software Engineer at Vulcan-- takes you into the world of A.I. Gracie's job allows her to help save animals by creating coding thats used to measure the health of orcas. Amazing, right? Watch the full episode to learn more about Gracie's job and how much of a difference it makes!