In Draw Her Life, one of our guides takes you through her life's journey to date. Find out where she lives, what her goals were & are, what got her to this place, her ups & downs and more! You get an exclusive look at the life of an incredibly talented woman. So cool!

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Campisode #9: Draw Her Life

Kim Swennen
YouTube Programmer

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Meet the YouTube Coder Behind the Subscribe Button

From becoming an actress to going back to school for coding and then getting a job at YouTube, Kim has made sure to follow her dreams. And even when it seemed like she was too late in the game or was a little worried to start over, she pushed on through and great things happened!

Learn all about Kim's journey and why fear shouldn’t stop you from going after what you want!

Campisode #10: Draw Her Life

Lindsey Rustad
USDA Ecologist

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Ecologist Lindsey Rustad Saves Animals from Ocean Pollution

USDA Ecologist, Lindsey Rustad has been fighting to save animals’ environments since she was a little girl. From helping clean up litter to finding ways to get rid of the pollution in the beaches, Lindsey’s mission has always been to help animals.
Now as a USDA Ecologist, Lindsey conducts climate change experiments in the forest to help all the plants/trees and animals.

Campisode #11: Draw Her Life

Dana Bolles
Space Professional

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Are There Aliens Really Out There?!

Space Professional, Dana Bolles has faced some obstacles but it has never stopped her from going after her dreams!
Making her dreams come true, Dana works for the biggest space agency and manages the payloads and makes sure everything is safe for launch. She’s also working on a project that is exploring other life on other planets!

Campisode #12: Draw Her Life

Ronda Hamm

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Hanging Out with Creepy Crawlies

Ronda Hamm probably has one of the creepiest jobs you can think of...well, she is an entomologist! Working with creepy crawlies like spiders and bugs, Ronda studies insects so she can teach folks like ourselves more about them.
Ronda started out her career by studying ants and figuring out how to get them to help plants. As she continued to learn, she also started inventing and she worked with her team on a bed bug detector!