Spooky Soap – Hello Clean Halloween

Spooky Soap – Hello Clean Halloween



Halloween is upon us [*cue menacing music*] and we’ve got plenty of unusual Spook-Alongs up our sleeve. Let’s roll up those sleeves and head to the sink because right now we’re all about “haunted hand-washing” to remove the candy corn, caramel candy bars, melted M&M’S and other October indulgences from messy little fingers.


1 Remove the label from your soap bottle by peeling it off, then unscrew the top from the bottle and take off the pump.

2 Add your spooky bits. This can be anything from plastic spiders and googly eyes to tiny toy skeletons. Keep the scissors nearby to dismember their heads and bones [*cue evil laughter*]. (While we l-o-v-e glitter, this isn’t the time to use any particles or food coloring that might escape when pumped).

3 Move the added bits into position by using the skewer and sliding it into the top of the bottle. You can also use it to gently stir. Replace the pump and turn the top tightly to secure.

4 Place your creation by the sink and watch the spooky sparks fly.

The Sci Behind the DIY

Lesson of the day: Why things float. Assume any spooky bits that end up floating in your bottle are less dense than the soapy fluid in which they were dropped.  An object that is buoyant (but not necessarily lighter weight than liquid or gel) will rise, while others will sink and require stirring to stay temporarily suspended, hence the required skewer for this exercise. Perspective: When it comes to boats, which are super heavy but still float on the surface of water, they have a greater ratio of empty space to mass than the ocean, while other things—like human beings—need to have something attached to them to help them float (like that rad yellow life jacket kiddie captains should be thrilled to wear). Care to make a candy wager on which freaky floaters will rise to the top of your creation?

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