Cloud Lamp – Rain, Rain Glow Away!

Cloud Lamp – Rain, Rain Glow Away!


Consider the Cloud Lamp the best thing that ever happened to a rainy, restless day. Best of all, it’s easy to make, which is why we declare it the #1 activity when the mood calls for entertainment with a side of chicken soup. Sick days just got a lot more fun!


1 Pop open the paper lantern.

2 Use a hot glue gun to stick cotton all over the lantern, stretching, pulling and fluffing each piece to make it work harder and cover a larger surface area. ‘Cumulus’ literally means heap or pile, so really go for it. Don’t stop until it’s full and looking like a giant ball of cotton candy.

3 Add lights inside your pouf and—poof!—you’re done. Turn on the lights and the ambiance is much like the sun peeking through the clouds. Make as many of these delights as you like and hang them from the ceiling, which looks extra special if your ceiling is already lit up with stars. Bonus points if you’ve got some Skittles on hand to create a tasty rainbow or drums to stir up the sound of thunder.

The Sci Behind the DIY

White creating your Cloud Lamp, be prepared to explain that if you were to pull a real cloud out of the sky with your fingers, it would feel awesomely dewy and wet due to the condensation of water vapor and ice crystals (but for now cottony softness will do). Remember: no two clouds are alike and they’re always changing shapes and patterns, so you can really have fun tweaking your Cloud Lamp daily so it’s always full of surprises. Clouds are composed of different particles based on their height in the sky and the temperature way up there. Let it rain knowledge and think of it as your contribution to the Cloud Appreciation Society where junior members are always welcome! Tomorrow’s forecast: clouds with a chance of other brilliant brainstorms  



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I am making the cloud lantern and I can’t figure out how to make the fluff stick with glue. I also can’t figure out how to tie the silver string to the bottom. Where do you tie it? Thanks!

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