DIY Ping Pong Lights – Get a Party-of-One Started!

DIY Ping Pong Lights – Get a Party-of-One Started!


Happiness is a choice… and you get to light the way. You can’t always keep the bad days away, but you can certainly let the good time roll! Use these magical, mood-lifting lights—and a tub of ice cream—to cure whatever ails your little ones.


1 Cut little x’s into your ping pong balls with your knife.

2 Pop the light bulbs into the little holes you’ve cut in the balls (make sure you have enough balls for every light). This is possibly the easiest-ever hack with the most stunning impact. Make the lights on a rainy day, express their unique mood-lifting power, and keep them handy for when life’s lemons strike. Heck, make them all yellow if you like!

The Sci Behind the DIY

When lights are strung, or attached in a series, electricity passes from the power source to the first light, and then from light to light, until it returns to the power source. That’s why when one light falters on your Christmas tree, they can all start to go wonky. Sometimes they just need to be gently nudged back to normal. Sure, little white lights make everything brighter, but did you know color can actually catapult your mood? Reds and pinks release dopamine – a feel-good hormone – and bright colors/lights, in general, can make humans feel happier. So, whether your was unaware of the tater tot hanging in her hair all day, or if she bombed a book report, remind her that life still calls for a cele-bra-tion and that when this light string is hanging in your house, it’s GOOD VIBES ONLY!    

You'll Need

    • String of lights
    • X-Acto knife
    • A ton of colorful ping pong balls

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