LED Cardboard Christmas Trees—No Pine Needles, No Problem

LED Cardboard Christmas Trees—No Pine Needles, No Problem



DIY projects are super-handy at helping you hold onto your money for the holidays. This one is your chance to make a blunder-free wonderland on the cheap. No pine needles left behind. No tree-chopping or heavy lifting required. Just the perfect excuse to do something creative with all those Amazon boxes leftover from your tsunami of deliveries. Scrunch up the tissue paper and paint it pretty make your own ornaments.


1 Use the scissors to cut your cardboard into tree-shaped triangles.

2 Use the screwdriver to punch holes all over each cardboard tree. This is where the lights will peek out.

3 Add a coat of Mod Podge to one side of the cardboard tree. Sprinkle it with green glitter, then re-punch the holes with the screwdriver to make sure the glitter doesn’t plug the holes (you may want to wipe off the tool before returning it to dad’s belt—or not).

4 Add poufs, popcorn, stickers, scrunched up tissue paper, and other imaginative décor as ornaments. You can use a little Mod Podge to adhere the trees to each other and create a full-on forest.

5 Add the string of lights behind the trees, poking each bulb into each hole, then turn it on.

The Sci Behind the DIY

Recycle, reuse, re-imagine! Cardboard can be reused to make these awesome little trees and many other uniquely fun things. Typically it gets recycled into paper products, sound-proofing materials (like insulation), or even furniture. The cardboard family includes product packaging, egg cartons, shoe boxes, skincare boxes, and cereal boxes—and your goal should be to make interesting projects out of each one around your house so they are always recycled into something else and never find their way into a landfill. Recycling is only a small part of what it means to live lean and green, and hopefully, this exercise will motivate and inspire your kids to become interested in conserving resources and ensuring nothing goes to waste.

You'll need

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Green glitter
  • Mod Podge
  • Screwdriver
  • String lights

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