Light Up LED Glasses – Safety First, Fashion Forever!

Light Up LED Glasses – Safety First, Fashion Forever!


If you had your way, you’d never let the kiddos leave the house without wearing one of those reflective orange crossing guard vests—preferably one strung with LED lights that can be spotted from galaxies away. Trust us, you’ll have more luck getting your child to wear these super-fun, quasi-glam glasses that are very Elton John if you ask us. Twinkle, twinkle, little starlet!


1 Glue LED lights to the corners of your frames.

Secure the glued lights with washi tape, which is an opportunity to add a touch of chic. We love a good glitter or colorful print!

The Sci Behind the DIY


How many times have you told them eating carrots will help them see better at night? There’s no truth in that (just ask any pilot), but wearing these glasses will certainly help other humans on the road be able to see them better when they’re out walking after the sun goes down.

You see, human eyes become less trusty when the moon is on the rise. Creatures that actually live in the dark instead of the daylight tend to have much bigger pupils than we do, which lets in more light. Cats can hunt at night because their eyes act as a natural mirror that bounces incoming light twice through the retina. This improves the odds they will see – and catch – their prey. (And that’s why, when you shine a flashlight at them, their eyes creepily reflect light back at you).

Even after so many years of evolution, humans still aren’t very good at seeing in the dark and most eyes decline over time (in other words, with old age). This makes it very important that kids wear something eye-catching in the evening to help cars see them.

These glasses will do the trick. And great style? That’s a bonus!

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