Rainbow Slime Notebook – Never be Without it!

Rainbow Slime Notebook – Never be Without it!


Can your basic Dollar Store notebook do this? Didn’t think so! Now prepare for ooze and ahhhs!


1 In a large bowl, add white glue to starch and mix well.

2 Pour the mix into smaller bowls and add food coloring, designating one solid color per bowl. Stir well and mash it up with your hands to really distribute the color and also, you know, feel the cool slime on your skin.

3 Break off small pieces of slime in every color and stuff them into your Ziplock baggie until it’s almost full. The colors will eventually blend together, so it doesn’t matter how you arrange them at first.

4 Glue inside the rim where the bag zips to make sure the slime doesn’t get out. In fact, if you’re really paranoid about any kind of spillage, you can probably double-bag it. Finish by duct taping the slime-filled bag to your notebook and never take boring notes in math class again.

The Sci Behind the DIY

Making school supplies together is a great way to bond – in this case, literally. White glue is a polymer, which is essentially a large chain of molecules that allow it to be the perfect consistency for pouring. Adding the liquid starch immediately changes the chain structure and makes the polymer thicker, more viscous and more stretchyyyyyyy. Voila – a slime is born! The question is, will we ever come up with a way to wear slime without it getting all over your car? Stay tuned…

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